Wednesday, April 9, 2008

First time using helicopter

The Helicopter I used

Yesterday, I need to went to Champion 7 oil field in Seria, Brunei on early morning. So, on Monday night I went to Seria and stay one night there. Wake up at 5:45am morning, take shower and went out for breakfast at Seria. Then I drive up to Brunei Shell Petroleum Heli base at Anduki. Check in our stuff and luggage at the Heli check-in point.

So, we flight from Heli base to Champion 7 oil field at 8:00am and arrive there 25 minutes later. Do the check-in procedure at the Champion 7 oil field and safety briefing because it our first time here. Get the work permit done and continue with our work until finish.

Take break for lunch at 12:00pm and continue to work until finish. We leaving the field around 5:00pm. First time using the helicopter and feel like using normal plane just a bit lower to ground.

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