Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dive trip

Sea Fan

David - Germany Guy

Robert - dive master tropical dives

Sea Fan

Sea Creature


Star fish

hard coral

From left, David, Leong, Robert, James

Steven - the captain of boat

Bat fish

Star fish

Rev. James - diver master from singapore

Yesterday I went for dive trip at Miri water. We went to Kenyalang Wreck and Belais Reef using Tropical Dives dive operator in Miri. I take few photos using my canon IXUS 950IS with the waterproof case WP-DC15. 

Kenyalang Wreck is artificial jacket leg platform that been lay down to bottom of sea bed. Max depth until the sea bed is 22 meter and max depth until the wreck is 13 meter. And the water condition a bit current and warm temperature. Distance around 12 miles from the Miri Marina Bay. The visibility is depend on the water current.

Belais Reef is a reef and max depth is 18 meter. And the water condition a bit current and warm temperature. Distance around 10 miles from the Miri Marina Bay. The visibility is depend on the water current.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Continue Running

Sky View

Sky View

The Stadium and the people

The stand

Yesterday evening, after whole work at office, I went Miri stadium to continue my running exercise. So I manage to do 13 round total of 5km and after that I take few photos using my Nokia mobile phone.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Ipod go Haywire 2nd time

My Ipod go haywire 2nd time. Very sad cause I can't doing my runs exercise. Still thinking wanna to get new one but the budget a bit tight now. That why, my running progress this month not moving...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth's Day in Miri

Random photo

The Landing Craft

The Landing Craft and diver

Arrival at Marina Bay

On 20th April 2008, wake up early and going to marina bay, Miri to join reef  cleaning expedition at a dive named 'Miri Kenyalang Wreck' to mark Earth day. I feel disappoint because I can't went down underwater to help them out. The expedition using Landing Craft to carry almost 50 diver and crew. But we using other small wooden boat. 

We take almost two hours to reach at the diving point 'Kenyalang Wreck'. Reef cleaning process take one and half hours and then we take rest before we leaving and go back to  marina bay. And it take another two hours.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

ICT Exhibition in Miri

After half day work, I going meet my brother at Bintang Plaza. After that we went to the ICT exhibition in Miri indoor stadium. Nothing much to see. There about 50 boots at the inside the stadium.

Canon boot

Photo view

Photo view

Sony vaio boot

Photo view

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Continue Runs

Photo of Me

Random Photo

Random Photos

My Ipod Nano

Yesterday evening after office hour, I went back to Miri Stadium to continue my runs. And I manage to do 13 round total of 5km. Yesterday evening also, something good happened to me. My Ipod nano recover back, but need to charge the battery.

Very happy, not need to buy new one...

Monday, April 14, 2008


It been 2 weeks already I not doing my running. And my ipod nano spoil during the Kuala Lumpur International Marathon. Seen like the display already short circuit and can't display anything, but the it still can play the music.

Because of this, I can't do my running exercise. So I hope to get new and this time I'll get the ipod nano 3rd generation that can view video also...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

First time using helicopter

The Helicopter I used

Yesterday, I need to went to Champion 7 oil field in Seria, Brunei on early morning. So, on Monday night I went to Seria and stay one night there. Wake up at 5:45am morning, take shower and went out for breakfast at Seria. Then I drive up to Brunei Shell Petroleum Heli base at Anduki. Check in our stuff and luggage at the Heli check-in point.

So, we flight from Heli base to Champion 7 oil field at 8:00am and arrive there 25 minutes later. Do the check-in procedure at the Champion 7 oil field and safety briefing because it our first time here. Get the work permit done and continue with our work until finish.

Take break for lunch at 12:00pm and continue to work until finish. We leaving the field around 5:00pm. First time using the helicopter and feel like using normal plane just a bit lower to ground.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Blood Donation

My blood donation record

My Donor's Record

Today morning, I going to Miri General Hospital to donate blood. I already done it 15 times and I plan to continue to do it for every 3 months. Besides save life, I think donate blood will improve the body health also.

The first time I donate blood is when I at 18 years old. Its a bit scare at first, but after few times, that feeling disappear. And after 10 years donate blood, it became a routine for my life...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Time to Rest

After the last weekend full marathon in Kuala Lumpur, I feel so tired so I decide to take one week break all my exercise and take a nice well rest. But still need to go work. The marathon cost my ipod spoil and not more working. :(