Monday, March 10, 2008

Another day work at AMPA 9

On Friday 7th March 2008, I need to go Kuala Belait, Brunei and went to AMPA 9 oil & gas installation to do pipe inspection. So I leaving from Miri at 6:00am that morning and arrive the Sungai Tujuh immigration check point at 6:20am. And the queue already a bit long. But that is one van in front of us that have around 11 passengers I think. So we think it will not take long time cause the van is Brunei vehicle, but sadly the passengers in the van is all Indonesian, so we wait for 15 minutes already. But still not yet finish, so we take short cut cause we afraid the boat leaving soon. Luckly the officer do not stop us.

We departure from the Kuala Belait Brunei Shell Petroleum check point at 8:00am using crewboat and arrive at AMPA 9 on 8:45am. Then we need to check in at the administration office at AMPA 9 and apply for the work permit. Meanwhile waiting for the work permit done, we went for breakfast at 9:00am and we start our work on 10:00am. Then we stop for the lunch and continue on with our work until 3:00pm for teabreak.

We stop work at 5:00pm cause we leaving the installation on the 5:45pm crewboat, so we need to clear work area. Finally, we leaving the platform on 6:00pm, late 15 minutes from the schedule...