Monday, June 9, 2008

Cheating Death

On saturday (7th June 2008) morning around 4:00 am, I experience cheating death situation. The story begin when we planning to go ocean fishing using small wooden boat. We leaving from Miri river mouth on friday (6th June 2008) late afternoon and headed to our normal fishing spot. On the way out, the weather look okay and it already dark when we reach at our first fishing point. We anchored at the point and started to fishing, and one hour later still not fish and we decide to move second point and we did.

We arrived at second fishing point around midnight already and we anchored the boat and again started fishing and the weather still fair. Again the the lucky not with us, not fish and we decide again to move to third fishing point. And we reach the third spot, and anchored the boat again, decided not to move again. And we started to fishing again.

A moment later, my friend found out the boat are drifting, so we hurried to start the engine, but the engine do not want to start because not enough battery power to start the engine. And at the same time, a small rain drop down. And suddenly storm starting to blow harder and harder. And small rain became heavy rain and the wave became bigger and bigger and starting to rock our boat for left to right. Everybody stay inside the boat and praying to God, hoping that the storm will stop soon.

The storm continue for half of hour before it calm down and we wait until the morning and rain still not yet stop. At morning, we found out that our boat already drifting a few miles the point we anchored our boat last time, but lucky it drift to shore and not to open sea water. Thanks to Lord. And we manage to start the engine at morning and we finish can go back safely.

We reach at the Miri river mouth around 9:00 am at morning. It was a very meaningful experience for me and my friend.

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