Thursday, May 8, 2008

Naruto Movie 4

Reading manga and watching anime was one of my hobbies. Seen I was small kid, I like to watch comic and cartoon. I been following this Naruto, Bleach, Air Gear and other anime almost a year and I have complete sets of Naruto and Bleach animation. Seen like I more into japanese anime now. :)

And the Naruto Movie 4 just came out and you can download it at using the torrent client program. You also can download other anime from the site. After watching Naruto Movie 4, I give it 3 star out of 5 stars. The stories start where someone try to unseal the sealed evil and powerful demon to take control of world. So Naruto and the gang must stop this person and the story continue... Watch it for the rest of the stories. :)

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