Saturday, February 2, 2008

Trip back to Home Town

The trip start at my house in Miri at 7:45am and we start moving to Batu Niah. This time I'll follow my brother back to my home town. It take a hour drive from Miri to Batu Niah. And we stop for small break. After that we continue our journey to Bintulu. We leaving at 9:25am.

It take 2 hours and we stop at Bintulu for the lunch and rest. After that we continue our journey at 12:10pm to sibu. All the way from Miri to Bintulu, my brother drive the car, but I take driver position from Bintulu.

Then we stop at Selangau for quick rest and toilet. Then my brother take over the driving. We arrive at Lanang Bridge Sibu on 3:30pm. And we just went pass by the Sibu town.

Finishly we arrive at my home town at 4:20pm. Total distance is around 500km.

Lanang Bridge (Sibu)


The Road

The Traffic

Batu Niah

Sky View

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